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The Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) was established in Houston, Texas, USA in 2005, and is a US 501(c)(3) educational organization supported by former NASA scientists, astronauts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and educators. HASSE works closely with space centers in Japan and Russia, and is dedicated to innovation and promotion of science and space education. HASSE provides a forward-looking, unique, and experiential based study program that compliments conventional school education and strengthens critical developmental skills for students.



The HASSE Space School International Study Program provides students with the opportunity to get ahead, to learn and apply transferable skills in one of the world’s most profound and inspiring STE(A)M environments, NASA.

The HASSE Space School expedition is a life changing experience that  inspires a new generation of STE(A)M-skilled leaders. The international study program is recommended to all students pursuing any career path.

The HASSE Space School International Study Program…

…is designed for students to learn and apply critical skills in highly immersive and inspiring STE(A)M activities at NASA.

The inspired personal and leadership development programs include Dr Tony Wagner’s ‘Seven Survival Skills´ to truly empower students for changing times. HASSE Space School broadens the mind, cultivates drive and instils curiosity with the spirit of exploration.

Program Framework

Built on the foundation of the Seven Survival Skills, the program offers three key pillars of activities including enriched STE(A)M learning activities, inspiring leadership development, and engaging personal development.

HASSE Space School aims to deliver students a once in a lifetime, best STE(A)M experience, at the most inspiring organisation NASA. Returning from the expedition, students will become more focused and more inquisitive to pursue the subjects they are interested in.

The Ultimate STE(A)M Experience

Enriched and Exclusive Space Science Activities

Inspiring Leadership Development 

Motivational Speakers

Engaging Personal Development Program

Project Management, Budget Control, Risk Management  Resource Allocation

7 Survival Skills

Transportable Skill Sets

Experience is the key to success, and your child will be exposed to situational learning, placing them in the control of budgets, project management, and complex crises.

Teaching Methods

Problem-Based Learning

Instead of memorising complicated theories or formulas, students in HASSE Space School will be trained to think creatively. Through the Problem-based Learning (PBL) model, students will be encouraged to find brand new solutions to problems encountered during simulations and projects. Students will report and share with other students what they have discovered and learned, creating a competitive environment to push and stimulate their desires to learn.

The Ultimate Out-of-Class Innovation

Today, students have an opportunity to get ahead, to learn and apply these skills at HASSE Space School, an immersive international study program designed to inspire a new generation of STE(A)M-related skilled leaders.

The ultimate international Study Program

HASSE Space School’s unique out of class program design incorporates 14-days of  problem-based learning, case studies, creative development, astronaut training and management preparation presented in exceptional environments. The program extends to combine team management principles, motivational applications and experiential learning on-site at NASA and unique facilities. This highly engaging and empowering approach compels the Space School renowned all over the world.

Exploring space, science and managerial principles

The HASSE Space School is one of the few short-term youth study programs in the world covering science, space, and management to provide students with a most exciting motivational study platform. Students have the exclusive opportunity to talk and work directly with the experts – astronauts, engineers and scientists at NASA and other facilities.

Get to know NASA, talk to the best in the field

Students will gain a deeper knowledge of Space School through mission simulators to Mars and the Moon, engage in unique and insightful discussions with the best engineers, scientists and managers of NASA. They have the opportunity to visit mock up facility for the assembly of the international space station, design the Mars exploration rover, build and launch rockets, visit the Apollo mission control center and much more.

HASSE Space School International Study Program

The HASSE Space School offers two distinctly unique programs, HASSE Junior Space School and HASSE Senior Space School.

The HASSE Senior Space School is structured to grow leadership, creativity, high-level management, and critical thinking skills; enabling students with the tools to excel in their future careers.

The HASSE Junior Space School, for students in years 7, 8 and 9 develops curiosity and interest within the STE(A)M fields. Training for young explorers in an immersive environment, empowering students to pursue their subjects with passion.

HASSE Senior Space School

Management training for young leaders. With great depth, students spend the two weeks in Houston with incredible access to NASA. They visit areas not accessible by the public; and engage directly with NASA experts to design and plan their own space mission within a given budget. An immersive program that hones individual leadership, project management and communication skills.

HASSE Junior Space School

Training for young explorers. In an engaging hands-on adventure, students learn about the development of space-related technology and are lead through several simulated missions where they must work together to overcome challenges and adversity. The inspiring leadership and personal development will motivate students to possess the right attitude and passion for life.

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