Seven times in space, Dr. Zhang Fulin encouraged HASSE Space School students to follow the goal and enjoy it in the process.

Two of the international students at the HASSE Space School are from Costa Rica. Their volunteers are all astronauts and they are very active before the United States. Both of them admire NASA’s most outstanding. One of the astronauts – Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz, Dr. Zhang Fulin.

Franklin is also from Costa Rica. He has been determined since childhood and hopes to explore the mysteries of space. In 1980, he became the first American-American spaceman in the US Space Center and had performed space missions seven times. Now the Ad Astra Rocket Company ion power engine he created is listed as one of the top ten space emerging projects, which can reduce the time to Mars from 9 months to 39 days.

A thank you card from HASSE Central and South America-Chile students was sent to Dr. Fraklin

So Franklin can be said to be the light of Costa Rica! We especially asked Franklin to encourage the two students and HASSE students from other countries to record videos. Franklin encourages HASSE students: find your dreams, be patient, modest and hardworking, take risks, be afraid of failure, stick to the end, and use the frustrations in the process as learning, because you need help from others before you can do big things, you are always ready Others lend a helping hand!

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