HASSE Senior Space School

Based on its unique program design HASSE Senior Space School incorporates problem-based learning, case studies, creative development and management training with an inspired curriculum presented in an exceptional environment.

The unique opportunity to get up close with the experts –astronauts, engineers and scientists at NASA – and to learn about space, science and project management in exciting locations such as Johnson Space Center Houston, Challenger Learning Center, TxRx Robotics Lab and Rice University, turns this expedition into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A balanced mix of challenging team projects, motivational courses, leadership training and cultural studies ensures that students are encouraged to develop their multidisciplinary skills according to their own abilities.

During this two-week mission students develop their business and management expertise leading a multimillion dollar project, test their problem-solving abilities during challenging Mars missions and get together in teams to foster collaborative learning.

HASSE Senior Space School not only operates as a platform to encourage this learning process, but provides support and trained experts to inspire, motivate and enable students’ personal growth.


Learning Outcomes

  • Application of management principles in innovative and complex environments

  • Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Setting and achieving targets

  • Setting and achieving targets

  • Leadership skills including leading by influence

  • Initiative and entrepreneurial mindset

  • Curiosity and imagination

  • Pursuit of personal values and long-term goals


HASSE Senior Space School Program

Location: Houston, USA
Duration: 14 Days
Open to Students: 17 years old and above
Dates: During school term breaks

Program Schedule

Day 1

Depart for Houston

Day 2

A HASSE Opening
Visioneering: XPRIZE
Mission Patch Design Presentation
B Speaker A
Private Space Vehicle Design I
C Team Time

Day 3

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
NASA Restricted Area Visit A: NBL
B NASA Restricted Area Visit B:
ISS Mission Control
Astronaut Training Center
C Community Time

Day 4

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
Space Center Houston
History of Manned Space Exploration
B Future of Space Exploration
Orion Exhibition
C Team Time

Day 5

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
Houston Makerspace
Private Space Vehicle Construction II
B Houston Makerspace
Speaker C: Lunar Rover Prototype
Private Space Vehicle Construction III
C Team Time

Day 6

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
Rice University
Speaker B: Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling
B Wiess Energy Hall
Mission Simulation
Mission Debrief
C Team Time

Day 7

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
NASA Expert Presentation
B Houston Culture Experience
C Team Time

Day 8

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
University of Houston
Speaker D: Mars Space Architecture
Mars Habitat Design I
Lecture & Visit
C Team Time

Day 9

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
Ad Astra Company Visit
Mars Rocket Engine (VASIMR®)
Speaker E: Mission to Mars
B Vomit Comet Aircraft
Aircraft Exhibition
C Team Time

Day 10

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
Wind Tunnel Experience
B University of Houston
Mars Habitat Design II
C HASSE Competition

Day 11

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
University of Houston
Mars Habitat Design III
Mars Habitat Presentation
C Team Time

Day 12

A HASSE Theme of the Day®
NASA/ Space Industry Experts
Speaker F: X Prize
B HASSE Graduation
C Depart Houston

Day 13

Return Home.

Day 14

Arrive Home.

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