HASSE Russia Space School

Russia is the largest country in the world in area, and it’s highly recognized in terms of advanced technology, military installations, and space exploration, including its world lead in launching rockets. Students of HASSE Russia Space School will study at the world renowned space facility, Star City, designed by cosmonauts, engineers and scientists, and which is operated by the Russian Space Agency.

In Star City, a restricted area, students live in the environment where cosmonauts stay to receive training based on the cosmonauts’ regular training schedule. Students will use the facilities and equipment in the International Space Station (ISS) modules to practice a re-entry mission, as well as taking pictures from the ISS. Moreover, students learn space medical concepts and practice the reentry mission to remain safe and sound. The practical courses and activities provide students with the most genuine STEAM experience, making HASSE Russia Space School a unique STEAM experiential learning opportunity.

Students of grade 10 and above are eligible to apply. Upon completion of the program they will receive a certificate awarded by HASSE and the Russian Space Agency.

Program Features

Exclusive access into Russian Space Program.

HASSE Russia Space School takes place in a restricted area, Star City. Upon approval by the Russian Space Agency in advance, students will be able to join the program. Students stay at the dorm that accommodates cosmonauts, use the facilities, equipment and devices that are used to train.

Learn from mission experts.

The program is delivered by trainers of cosmonauts, space scientists and engineers. While trainers demonstrate wilderness survival skills, space surgeons explain life support devices, and space engineers introduce ISS modules and skills in docking, space scientists expound on Russia’s vision for space exploration.

Exploration of the Russian Space Missions.

United States and Russia have developed varying thinking patterns in science and engineering due to cultural, historical, geographical and political background. Designs of their product outcomes are very different. Another good example is the choice to land for the reentry capsule. Americans target the capsule to land in the ocean whereas Russians aim for landing on land.