Junior Space School

Partnering with U.S. Space & Rocket Center, students will explore exciting new territory in the realms of space and science. Through team projects and astronaut simulations, students will learn the value of teamwork, determination and leadership. HASSE Junior Space School will empower students to achieve personal growth beyond the classroom and challenge them to dream big.

Junior Space School has a strong emphasis on hands-on interaction. Courses like “Crime Scene Investigation” places students in the middle of a crime scene and in the shoes of a forensic scientist. Experience the Wild West by becoming an 1830’s ranch owner or a cowboy for a day. While other courses involve becoming a biologist and performing dissection laboratories and experiments.

Finally students will experience training and living like an astronaut. Through exciting space mission simulations, students may choose from several unique roles, whether it be leading mission control as the flight director, performing EVA missions as a mission specialist, or taking charge of a space shuttle orbiter as flight commander. With the incorporation of different scenarios and technically-challenging anomalies, students will develop critical-thinking, problem solving skills and learn how to work as a team.

Junior Space School provides the most efficient and exciting learning experience within a minimal time frame.

HASSE Junior Space School

HASSE Junior Space School International Study Program, a specifically developed STE(A)M program that broadens the mind, cultivates drive and instils curiosity and the spirit of exploration.

Two weeks … two states … one giant goal … dream big !

To reach this objective, HASSE Junior Space School’s expedition to Houston, TX and Huntsville AL immerses students in an exceptional experience that builds skills in goal setting, project planning, independent thinking and problem solving. The unique opportunity to get up close with the experts –astronauts, engineers and scientists at NASA – and to learn about science in exciting environments such as Johnson Space Center Houston, US Space and Rocket Center Huntsville, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Rice and Texas A&M University, turns this expedition into a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Learning Outcomes

  • Development of critical thinking and problem solving

  • Application of STE(A)M in challenging space missions

  • Effectiveness in collaborative teamwork

  • Leadership skills including leading by influence

  • Learning to set and achieve targets

  • Creative thinking and innovation

  • Initiative and responsibility

  • Curiosity and imagination

  • Pursuit of personal values and long-term goals

STE(A)M and space action in Houston

Come face to face with astronauts at Johnson Space Center, Houston 

Expedition members have the rare opportunity to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston, NASA’s centre for human spaceflight activities. While exploring the wonders of space exploration in facilities such as the Astronaut Training Center, Rocket Center and the Mission Control Center, students learn about past and future endeavours of the American manned space flight program.

An unforgettable experience awaits all members of HASSE Junior Space School via the unique opportunity to come face to face with astronauts as well as hear guest speakers such as NASA scientists and engineers during personalised presentations, an exclusive lunch or a special event.

Amazing Activities

HASSE Junior Space School integrates elements of space-science, medical science, marine biology, and energy to foster student interest in STE(A)M through experiential learning. The program includes site tours of America’s leading Space centers in Houston Texas and Huntsville Alabama where students will actively take part in training exercises, simulators and lectures.



Incredible Locations

Partnered with Space Center Houston, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Rice University and other educational institutes, the HASSE Junior Space School creates a positive environment to inspire and motivate students.

Students have the opportunity to visit prestigious locations across Houston which is not possible within the normal realm of the Australian learning environment.

HASSE Junior Space School Program

Location: Houston Texas

Duration: 14 Days
Open to Students: 11 years old and above
Dates: During school term breaks

Program Schedule

Day 1 – Houston

Arrive in Houston

Day 2

A HASSE Opening
Goal Setting
Team Spirit Consolidation
B Biology
Experiment at Cell Lab
Dissection I
C Team Time

Day 3

A Space Legend
NASA Johnson Space Center
Astronaut Training Center
B Mission Control Center
Current Space Collaboration: ISS Module
The Most Powerful Saturn V Rocket
C Team Time

Day 4

A Space Legend
Marine Biology
Texas A&M
Dissection II (Shark)
B Aviation
Ellington Field
Aircraft & Flight Plan Design
Operate Flight Simulator to Practice Flying
C Team Time

Day 5

A Space Legend
STEM Concept in Flying
B Wind Tunnel
Relax at Houston Business Sector
C Team Time

Day 6

A Space Legend
Learn from Dinosaurs & Paleontology
B Wiess Energy Hall
Fossil Fuel & Alternative Energy
C Team Time

Day 7

A Space Legend
NASA Expert Presentation
B Sky High Competition
C Team Time

Day 8

Space Mission I: Space Exploration
Science of Space Exploration
Rocket Design-Construction-Launch
C Team Time

Day 9

Space Mission II: Design of Space Shuttle
Protect Astronaut
Heat Shield Design-Test-Improvement
A NASA Engineer’s Story
C Team Time

Day 10

Space Mission III: Living on the Moon
Lunar Habitat Design
Lunar Habitat Construction & Presentation
C Team Time

Day 11

Space Mission IV: Robotic Exploration
Robotics & Coding
Space Suits
Robot Competition
C HASSE Competition

Day 12

Space Mission V: Mission Simulation
Human Space Exploration
C Depart Houston

Day 13

Flight Time

Day 14

Arrive Home

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