HASSE founder meets NASA legends

HASSE founder James and former International Space Station commander Dr. Leroy Chiao visited the Baker Institute in Houston’s three major think tanks, and the NASA elders in charge of space policy, the former Houston Jensen Space Center. The president, Dr. Geroge Abbey, met to exchange ideas about the development of STEM education.

Before Dr. George Abby entered NASA, he was an Air Force pilot who flew more than 4,000 hours. He worked in the Air Force for research and development and participated in the early Air Force manned flight. In 1964, George Abby joined NASA’s Apollo program as an Air Force captain. Three years later, he left the Air Force and entered the Jensen Space Center.

喬治˙艾比(左一)坐在約翰遜空間簡報室的桌旁,與工程師電話會議(Credit: NASA)

In 1976, George Abby was appointed Director of Flight Operations, responsible for all human space mission planning and selecting and managing crew members. After continuous efforts, Dr. became the flight crew operations director, and he asked Dr. Sally Kristen Ride to become the first woman to enter space. In 1990, George Abby became the vice president of operations and a senior NASA representative responsible for developing strategies to return to the moon and land on Mars.

(Credit: NASA)

Over the years, George Abby has played a decisive role in the selection of NASA astronauts. He also advocates transnational space cooperation and actively participates in the promotion of STEM science education in the United States. Dr.’s leadership style and outstanding vision for many years is education. The world has had a very significant impact.

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