About Us


Space School MY (Malaysia) is owned by Mixs Edupro Sdn Bhd. We are authorized marketer for HASSE Space School Program at NASA in Malaysia. We provide the leading STE(A)M learning solution spanning from in-class and out-of-class environments. For the out-of-class solution, the HASSE Space School International Study program aims to deliver the once in a life time, best STE(A)M experience in the most inspiring organisation, NASA.

With offices in Penang and Kuala Lumpur (coming soon) Space School MY (Malaysia) seeks to achieve its mission on a global scale.

Space School MY (Malaysia) is proud to be the exclusive Malaysia partner of HASSE to market and promote the HASSE Space School Program in Malaysia.

Our Goals

Connect students with role models in STE(A)M fields.

Promote STE(A)M in tangible and real-life oriented ways.

Students are often motivated to learn if they understand the real world applications of what they are learning.

Promote fun ways to explore STE(A)M interests through all our programs.


Promoting Educational Excellence

Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, HASSE is supported by entrepreneurs, scholars, NASA scientists and astronauts, notably ISS Expedition 10 commander, HASSE Special Advisor, astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao.

HASSE is partners with several major organizations, such as NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the United States Space & Rocket Center, and Northern American universities such as Rice University and Texas A&M University. Together with these world-class institutions, HASSE has designed a series of S.T.E.A.M based short-term educational solutions for students all over the world.

HASSE is dedicated to creating positive learning experiences that not only educates in the field of space and science, but empowers youth in achieving personal growth beyond the classroom.

Our Mission

Empowering Youth for Changing Times

The education solution provider.
Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower youths to learn the survival skills for the future.

Aspire / Inspire Explore

  • Provide early stage planning and preparation

  • Promote development of the next generation

  • Offer elite and accredited programs, bundled into packages


Our Vision

To become the most trusted STE(A)M education solution provider

Prominent Figures


Dr. Leroy Chiao

Former Astronaut, ISS commander, HASSE Special Advisor

Dr. Von T.

Apollo Lunar Rover Chief Engineer, Veteran Apollo program


Dr. Robert H. Dennard

IBM fellow, IEEE Medal of Honor, Thomas J. Watson Research Center United States National Academy of Sciences fellow,
inventer of DRAM

Dr. Tayfun Tezduyar

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Rice University,
Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Dr. Michael Mcculley

Former NASA Astronaut, STS – 34 Captain
Naval aviator, Former CEO of United Space Alliance

Dr. John-David Bartoe

Former NASA Astronaut, STS – 51F
Research Manager for the International Space Station (ISS)


Colonel Brian Duffy

Former NASA Astronaut, STS – 92

Clayton Anderson

Former NASA Astronaut, STS-117, Mission Specialist