104-year-old enthusiasm ultimate master – George Dysonhausen

We often hear people say, “I am old, I am already retired.” “I am a lot older.” If you have an old gentleman, when you are still writing science fiction at the age of 97, and still using Facebook to care about world issues, would you find it incredible? However, Dr. Dysonhausen, who participated in the Apollo program, demonstrated what the world calls “the enthusiasm of life.”

The great scientist who landed on the moon, Dr. George Von Tiesenhausen, died on June 4 (104). Recently, HASSE founder James received a letter from his doctor’s daughter. The letter mentioned: The doctor’s health is not good, and he knows that the doctor has passed away.

戴森豪森博士 (Credit:

James and Dr. met with the space school and became a good friend of the family. Every time the James family went to Huntsville, they would visit him, and the doctor and wife would be very happy to receive. Dr. Dysonhausen is really a passionate and energetic elder. At the age of 97, the Ph.D. sent a science fiction novel of his own work to James. The doctor specially explained that the book was only for friends and relatives and was not published. Dr. Dysonhausen never feels old and always wants to make some changes to the world, just like his motto: Try to make a difference.

戴森豪森博士是位德裔科學家,二次大戰後,被美國的Dr. Von Karman 和錢學森一起帶到美國的重要科學家之一。圖:戴森豪森博士(右二)與NASA科學家們一同出席國際火箭論壇(Credit: AP News)

Dr. Dysonhausen is a German scientist. He was an assistant to von Brown. He was also one of the important scientists brought to the United States by Dr. Von Karman and Qian Xuesen of the United States after the Second World War. When he was 91 years old, he gave a speech to the space school for the first time. Five minutes before the opening, the doctor was ready to go. When the time came, the doctor said to the classmates who had not yet taken the seat: “You!Out!” You can feel the rigor and meticulousness of the Germans.

戴森豪森博士設計的登月車(Lunar Rover) (Credit:

Dr. was a very important scientist in the Apollo program, and he also planned to be the designer of the Lunar Rover. The doctor once said to the ASSE Space School students in his speech: “The next time you go to the moon, I remember that the space car I designed should be changed again after changing the battery.” This sentence is shocking! This is a mission full of inheritance, and the opening remarks that others can’t learn. One sentence instantly shortens the distance between humans and space!


Dr. Dysonhausen and HASSE have a deep relationship. When Dr. was selected as an “outstanding alumnus” at the University of Hamburg in Germany, he did not provide his own personal photos. Instead, he provided photos of the collections and ASSE Space School students to his alma mater, while the American newspapers This photo was also reported when reporting his life. In 2017, Dr. Dysonhausen still grasps the time of research, study and writing. His biggest dream is to care about the earth and continue to study the universe without boundaries.

戴森豪森博士為世人示範何謂「生命的熱情」(Credit: Space Camp Hall of Fame)

Pay tribute to a scientist who has great influence on science and education, and an old friend… May he rest in peace.

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